Tuesday, October 5, 2010

If you listen to the post below this women states that she would be the first to put a pillow over a suffering babies face and smother it to death because it would be the best thing to do. Another man Peter Singer wants to make it legal to "kill a baby up to 2 years old if the parents are dissatisfied with their child or if the child is disabled or weak.
I have worked with people with disabilities since I was ten years old. I have friends who have severely disabled children and do not know a single parent that would put a pillow over their child's face because it would save them some inconvenience. We know a family whose daughter was born with CHARGE syndrome and has struggled her whole life, but this beautiful girl is so amazing she makes all who are around her smile and happy. We love being around this lovely girl and could not imagine how anyone could consider having put a pillow over her face and snuff out her life.
What are these people thinking to believe that we want to snuff out the lives of those with disabilities or who are weaker than we are. Those with disabilities should be protected and loved.

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  1. Oh, wow ... if the parents are dissatisfied? That is such a broad interpretation of the law. Child abusers would walk away scott free ... all they'd have to do is say, "I was dissatisfied with this child." I sure hope the lawmakers can keep their brains in their heads long enough to do what it takes to keep our children safe.